Ben Affleck Likes the Idea of Running for Office

He opened up about his political aspirations during a chat with the New York Times.

Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck revealed that he’s open to the idea of running for office during a wide-ranging discussion with the New York Times on Monday night.

The two-time Oscar winner sat down with journalist Chip McGrath at a TimesTalks event in New York to talk about his new film Live by Night, as well as other highlights from his career in show business. Things took a political turn when McGrath asked Affleck if rumors of his interest in running for office were true.

“I like the idea of running for office,” Affleck said. “I think there’s something really noble in public service.”

One member of the crowd apparently liked the idea as well and cheered when McGrath mentioned a possible political run for the acclaimed actor and director.

“Thank you,” Affleck told the fan. “A friend with the Patriots hat so I know what state to run from.”

Affleck went on to talk about his disillusionment with the current state of politics, which he believes is too focused on raising money for campaigns.

“I’ve been really disillusioned by what I’ve seen in my real life and how it just is this relentless cash suck, where you’re just glad-handing and making phone calls and then doing cocktail parties and trying to gobble up as much money as you can,” Affleck said. “Congress, it’s a miracle they get anything done at all. They spend all their time raising money.”

Although not everyone in Hollywood was happy with how things turned out in November, Affleck did find one silver lining.

“I will say that the one great thing about November of 2016 is I, all of a sudden, became qualified to run for president,” Affleck said.

Perhaps this sets up a potential presidential run in 2020 on a ticket with his pal Matt Damon. In a world where Kanye West is meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, anything can happen.

Check out Affleck’s full discussion with the New York Times below.

TimesTalks: Ben Aflleck

Ben Affleck is here to discuss “Live by Night,” his new film about a network of underground speakeasies in the Prohibition Era. Comment with your questions and NYT journalist Chip McGrath will ask some.

Posted by The New York Times on Monday, December 12, 2016