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Anthony Giglio

Crafting the season’s most refreshing beers is all about the formula.

The Science of Summer Ale

Intrepid local importers are bucking the trend of big generic reds to bring exotic bottles to a table near you.

A Wine Less Ordinary

Can you make a mean cocktail without hard spirits? At Boston’s wine-and-beer-only joints, creative bartenders are proving you can. And with surprising kick.

The Burden of Proof

When it comes to wines by the glass, it’s the chains that get it right.

Uniformly Appealing

What is it about dry-aged USDA prime beef in Boston's increasing number of steakhouses that keeps us coming back for more? To find out, one man made the ultimate sacrifice of his digestive tract to visit 10 steakhouses in five days.

Raising the Bar

The North End boasts more restaurants, and more authentic Italian food, than any other neighborhood in Boston — maybe the country. But separating the real thing from the imitations isn't easy. Here's where to find the chow — and the ciao.

Forget the flowers this Valentine's Day, and put your money where your mouth belongs: on a flute filled with luxurious rosé Champagne.

Hustle to a drink by the pool (table)

Cueing Up for a Cocktail

After-dinner elixirs could turn the end of a Valentine’s meal into the beginning of something beautiful.

Does size (and shape) really matter? Or are specialty wineglasses just clever marketing?

Holiday gift giving is a great opportunity to put your money where your mouth is.

The secret to pairing holiday food and wine is that there’s really no secret. It’s up to you.

The secret to pairing holiday food and wine is that there’s really no secret. It’s up to you.

Puzzled by pinot? Vexed by vintages? It’s time to get to know Boston’s best sommeliers.