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Corby Kummer

Dining Out: Perfectly Matched

What do you get when you pair fashion diva Tess Enright and veteran chef Susan Regis? Some very haute plates.

Great sushi, or merely so-so? At the pricey new Oishii, it seems, what you’ll get depends on when you go.

Dining Out: Fishing Expedition

Quince has the potential to be a suburban dining star—as long as it doesn’t get overrun by its ambitious menu.

Tall Order

Orinoco brings Venezuelan food to the South End. How did we live without it?

Latin Quarter

Greek. Italian. Portuguese. Spanish. It’s all for dinner at Park Square’s pleasing, but pricey, Avila.

A Mediterranean Stew

Troquet's expansive wine list and unequaled cheese selection are the Theater District's latest stars.

For two years, chef Dante de Magistris searched for the perfect place to serve his signature brand of inventive Italian cuisine. It was worth the wait.

Paradise Found

Charlestown’s Mezé Estiatorio is cooking up a contemporary take on Greek foods, begging the question: When does reimagining become unorthodox?

With the Central Artery finally gone, Sel de la Terre’s slice of southern France is now accessible to the rest of the city. But is the restaurant ready for the spotlight?

With an upscale Mediterranean menu, Arbor takes root in Jamaica Plain.

A new chef is revving up flavors at his humble Cambridge bistro.

The soul of Italy is what inspires chef Josh Ziskin’s reliable new bistro, La Morra.

Chef Daniel Bruce toasts well-matched wining and dining at Meritage.

Armed with an emerging vision, a Vita-Mix juicer, and some truly transcendent ice creams, chef Gabriel Frasca has things looking up at Spire.

With Excelsior, Lydia Shire aims to bring big, bold luxury dining back into fashion. Can Shire make excess excel?