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Jeffrey Klineman

Nicole Dawes Late July Snacks

Crunch Time

Nicole Bernard Dawes is poised to hit it big with her snack company Late July. But can she keep her business’s lofty ideals intact?

Appetite for Expansion

To save his law firm, Jay Zimmerman bet big on a wild growth spurt that turned Bingham McCutchen into one of the world’s elite, and turned him into a new kind of Boston empire-builder.

At a time of corporate flight, family businesses are the ties that bind. Even if those ties may chafe.

When a group of millionaires built the golf course of their dreams, it fell victim to bad management – and became, instead of a stroll through paradise, A bogey of an investment.

For most of us, the Charles River is just scenery. But this natural playground offers some of America's greatest urban adventures. And it flows right through our backyard.