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Joe Keohane

But the Dream Should Die

Why Ted Kennedy should be the last Kennedy Massachusetts ever elects.

A True Man of Boston

How the city shaped Ted Kennedy—and how he shaped the city.

Man Versus Machine

City councilor Michael Flaherty is young and full of ideas? But can he topple Menino?

The Making of a Mayor for Life

As Tom Menino closes in on becoming our longest-serving mayor, it’s easy to forget what he did to get the job so many years ago. The long history of his unlikely rise to power–and how the playbook he perfected along the way has profoundly changed Boston.

Every Legacy Needs An Architect

How sports agent Lee Fentress got the job of memorializing Ted Kennedy.

A Turncoat’s Manifesto

Why I left Boston, and why that’s not the unforgivable offense it once would have been.

Invasion of the Policy Snatchers

It may be a long time before Massachusetts matters again to presidential candidates, but the blitz of out-of-town cash that hit our state this election season showed there’s another way for us to be relevant: as guinea pigs for crackpot causes.

No-Sin Zone

If you can smoke it, swill it, or ogle it, chances are it’s a target of Tom Menino’s overreaching, sometimes downright hysterical anti-vice crusade. Here’s to enjoying the unwholesome fun while it lasts.

The Inanity Defense

In a banner year for local scandal, the public figures starring in the assorted follies have been offering up some mind-boggling excuses. It makes you wonder which is worse: the violation of our trust, or the intelligence-insulting whoppers that follow.

How to Make a Senator Sweat

Disgruntled Massachusetts Democrats have given John Kerry his first primary challenge in 24 years. That has him acting almost as if he still wants to be our senator. Almost.

Art Failure

We like to think of ourselves as an arts town, and new numbers back that up. So why do creative people continue to flee Boston—and what is it about this city that drives them away?

Greener Than Thou

Bostonians may think they’re being incredibly forward-looking as they preach the gospel of going green to anyone who’ll listen. But in reality, these eco-Puritans are looking back. Way, way back.

Wanted: Kamikaze Candidates

Why the city—and even Tom Menino himself—desperately needs a no-holds-barred mayoral race.

The Cradle of Apathy

The pols leading the new push to reengage Boston’s indifferent electorate are missing the point. We do care. We just don’t care about them.

Are Space Aliens the New Jesus?

Scientology is on the march in Boston, even as the city’s traditional religious power continues its inexorable decline. And that has our writer imagining a whole new world of possibilities for Bostonians’ beloved knee-jerk, hokum-drenched piety.