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Paul Kix

boston's ethical culture

Smug Index

Boston prides itself on being a haven of high-minded thinking, something that’s also made us insufferable.

The Illusionist

The rancher, the secret… the $102k in cash.

Person of Interest: Ellen Zane

The Tufts Medical CEO can see the future. So pay attention to what she does next.

Person of Interest: Matt Siegel

Thirty years on, Matty in the Morning still rules Boston radio. (And he’ll take full credit.)

Meddling While Boston Burns

As the city endures its worst and most grisly spate of violence in years, Mayor Menino keeps proposing solutions. And that’s the problem.

Person of Interest: Keith Ablow

The good doctor is about to alienate all of Massachusetts.

The Scapegoats

Two black politicians have already been convicted of taking bribes, but the real crime when it comes to awarding valuable liquor licenses in Boston is the abuse that remains perfectly legal. 

Connors’s Reign

Jack Connors attained his influence, in part, by sitting on a variety of corporate and nonprofit boards. A lot of them — 29 in all. Yet a few in particular catapulted him to that next level of clout. Here, a chronicle of his rise.

Jack Connors: Heir Band

These three power players may someday lay claim to being the Jack Connors of their generation. But chances are their clout still won’t equal that of Connors at his peak.

City Life

Is Jack Connors the Last King of Boston?

How Jack Connors rules by the art of charm.

Team Effort

As VA hospitals struggle to meet rising demands, the Red Sox Foundation and Mass General have found a way to shore up care for local vets.

Scott Brown Is the Most _________* Man In America

*Fill in the blank. He’ll be whoever you want him to be.

Scenes From The Revolution

State Senator Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate win stunned the nation and handed state Republicans their first major victory in decades.

A Very Civil War

Thanks to a series of moves late last year by public broadcasting giant WGBH, the Hub is now home to two all-talk public radio stations. Let the battle for the hearts and minds of tweedy, tote bag–loving Bostonians begin.

Running Scared

Martha Coakley has many wonderful qualities. So why doesn’t her Senate campaign 
feature any of them?