Boston Marathon Guide

— It’s Go Time! —

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Your Guide to the Best Boston Marathon Ever

Our unofficial, irreverent, and completely idiosyncratic guide to the city’s biggest day.


Armed with stencils and spray cans, and assisted by his two daughters and friends, Ashland resident Jack LeDuc has painted the Boston Marathon starting line for more than 30 years. He’s also run the race 15 times. / Photograph by Scott. M. Lacey

In 2013, Boston vowed to finish the race. On Marathon Monday, starting in the wee hours, runners, families, Sox fans, and college kids will take to the streets to celebrate the one event that ties Greater Boston together in a single, unbroken line. Hundreds of thousands will come to cheer on friends and strangers. Thousands more will come to celebrate Boston’s strength and diversity. And so, for the uninitiated and the seasoned spectators alike, we present our unofficial, irreverent, and completely idiosyncratic guide to Boston’s biggest day.

Ready, set, let’s go!