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Elaine is a global luxury real estate advisor with Coldwell Banker. Her intricate knowledge of the real estate market and extensive sales record place her among the elite brokers in Boston. Her clients range from first time home buyers to high net worth industry leaders.

What inspired you as a child to start your career in real estate?
At age five when the Sunday newspaper was delivered to our home, I would always grab the real estate section. I would circle the homes that I loved and make charts of the differences from one to the next often stating that this home or that home would one day be mine! As I grew so did my passion for real estate, so it was no surprise to my family when I became a luxury broker in downtown Boston!

Why is location important to the success of your real estate business?
Having resided in most neighborhoods in downtown Boston, I can speak first hand as to the lifestyle in each neighborhood. Living today on Boston’s waterfront, my clientele see myself and my daughter daily at the local coffee shop, market, or simply strolling down the street. This allows me to maintain connections to my neighbors and my clientele. The first rule of real estate is always location, location, location! Buy the smallest home in the best location versus buying the biggest home in a less desirable location for a solid investment.

Who was your role model growing up?
My father was, and still is, my role model today. As a young man with a wife and three children to support, my father worked from the bottom to the top of the insurance industry. He did this with no-nonsense dedication and hard work. As a young girl, my father taught me to look at where I wanted to be in five years, to set my sights on that goal, and to do what was necessary to obtain that. By doing this I was always moving ahead and doing so successfully.

How do you stay up to date with changing market trends?
Although 98% of my business is in the luxury Boston marketplace, I am always looking at areas such as Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami for a new cutting-edge way to market my seller’s properties. Today, marketing is more than print advertising. It is about social media, and the relationships that I have made both personally, professionally, and socially. Loyalty is my middle name and something that absolutely differentiates me from the competition.

Who and what inspires your success?
My incredible daughter Shelby inspires my success, and motivates me to be a self-made role model for her.


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