Mini-masochist: The $200 blowdryer

1208881683Our unrelenting quest for self improvement took a hair raising turn this week when, after two years of trusty service, our ionic Vidal Sassoon short circuited mid-dry Monday morning. A mangled updo ensued, followed by many “late night?” comments at the office. Bostonista is all for tresses au naturale, but this half-winter, half-spring weather is playing havoc on our half-curly, half-straight hair. A quick lunchtime trip to Sephora was in order.

Turns out, the mega beauty emporium only stocks a couple of blowdryers, none for under $130. (Our aforementioned tool cost a mere $15.99.) As frequent beauty masochists, we’d read all about the pros of owning a “salon quality” dryer— faster job, fewer split ends, sleeker finish—though a poll of local pros revealed it’s all marketing hype. Nevertheless, after a lengthy consultation with a black-clad, well-coiffed Sephorite, we found ourselves handing over the Amex for a $200 T3 Bespoke Featherweight.

Manufactured in California, the Featherweight, true to its name, scales in at just 13 ounces (our old Vidal was two pounds). The box and accompanying twenty instruction sheets detailed the product’s ceramic heater, 1,800-watt power, 60 percent faster drying time, and “secret” tourmaline technology. We’re still a little hazy on the last bit—something to do with gemstones and negative ions and infrared heat. Whatever, the line of sparkling crystals on the handle is a fun, blingy touch.

Though the Featherweight is light, it’s as sizeable and awkward as any standard dryer and can’t be folded up for travel. We’re already making room in our suitcase, though, because this thing is quiet. Really quiet. Our initial test run felt like someone was whispering in our ear; for the first time ever, we took in WBUR’s Morning Edition while styling. The temperature was hot but not overwhelming. Our arms didn’t wear out midway. The whole job took about 15 minutes—sadly, the same time as usual—and it looked, in a word, fantastic.

That day at work, the “late night”s were replaced by “did you get your hair done”s and “when can I borrow it”s. We smiled smugly, but not too smugly—we were, after all, $200 in the hole. But hey, we figure, that’s better than certain hidden charges, and our guy comes with a four-year warranty. We’ll be paying off this purchase for a while, but looking well-groomed every brush of the way.

T3 Bespoke Featherweight, $200, Sephora, Prudential Center, Boston, 617-262-4200,