Bostonista How-to: The Louis Boston Sale

1215442765Here at Bostonista, we take pains to support the local economy, even when our 401ks are tanking. So despite the downturn, we’ve been shopping all along. Others, however, have not, which is why the sales this season have been particularly, if heartbreakingly, stellar.

That leads us to Louis Boston bi-annual sale, and your plan for getting the most out of it.

Surveying the stock in the days before Louis Boston’s bi-annual blowout sale, which starts this Wednesday, July 9, we encountered a healthy dose of Mayle dresses, a Rag and Bone shift we already bought, a wall of Marni totes, and loads of Balenciaga.

For tips on how to cash in at the season’s best sale, use our helpful strategy guide. (And get there early.)

Louis Boston, 234 Berkeley St., Boston, 617-262-6100,