Gina Brooke’s Makeup Mantra

1224693912As Madonna was gearing up for her concert last week, her long-time makeup artist Gina Brooke, who doubles as Shu Uemura’s artistic director, took time from a very busy tour schedule to teach a master class at Shu’s Newbury Street location. Here, she weighs in on a few of our most pressing beauty Qs:

Bostonista: We’re junkies suffering from true makeup addiction. Should we weed down our beauty products to a few basics?

Brooke: “There are no rules to makeup. And there’s nothing wrong with have a whole trunk full of it.”

Bostonista: Good answer! So, when should we wear false eyelashes?

Brooke: “Everyday! Why should we wait to look our very best for a special occasion?”

Bostonista: Hooray! Well, in that case, we want to look just like the Material Girl! How do we do it???

Brooke: “It’s flattering for people to want to imitate Madonna’s look, but what will work for her won’t work for you. Every woman should approach makeup as an individual because everyone has different complexions and skin tones.”

Bostonista: Yeah, yeah, fine then. Earlier, you really drove the point home that “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin.” Is it okay for us to just use inexpensive drug store facial cleansers?

Brooke: Sorry! There’s no comparison between regular cleansers and Shu’s cleansing oil. I even use the oil for shaving and as a hair product substitute.

Bostonista: Wow– that’s serious devotion. What else in your makeup bag?

Brooke: Phyto-Black Lift Renewing Firming Night Cream, Drawing Lip Pencil in Red 192 liquid eyeliner, High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (Advance Formula), Brightening Cleansing Oil, eyelash curler, Face Architect Remodeling Cream Foundation

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