Stuff We Love: Becca Jewel Dust

By: Anne Vickman

Apparently colorblocking is in for spring. We’ve just found the perfect makeup accompaniment to those new Louis Vuitton looks: Becca Cosmetics’ Jewel Dust.

Normally we steer clear of pixie dust pots due to the danger quotient of spilling them all over something (ourselves, the cat, the carpet), and their lack of portability (have you ever had a container of loose shimmer dust inexplicably open inside your handbag? Yeah. Not good). But these square pots twist shut with a satisfying click, and come in a rainbow of colors. We tested Mazikeen, a punchy shade of violet. Using an angled eyeliner brush dampened with water (our best trick for a controlled application), the metallic powder was easy to put on as eyeliner and —surprisingly — stayed on all day, adding a pop of color to our peepers. For an all-over wash of color, we definitely suggest using a shadow primer first so your newfound sparkle won’t fade.

$24, Interlocks, 58 Merrimac St., Newburyport, 978-465-3010, and other locations,