Street Style: A Well-Layered Man

Sebastian Lufkin shows how a hoodie and jeans can be très chic.

I stopped Sebastian Lufkin in Brookline the other day because of his sophisticated take on the stereotypical Boston uniform (hoodies and sneakers). If you can look as good as he does in them, why change?

Are you from Boston originally?

I’m from Minneapolis. I came here to go to Boston University in 2003 and immediately just loved it here. So I stayed.

What are you wearing?

My jeans are from Banana Republic, my shoes are Cole Haan, my jacket is from Marc New York, and my hoodie is Banana Republic.

What’s your favorite store in Boston?

Probably Fluevog, the shoe store on Newbury.

What are you reading?

“The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Talib. It’s very cool. Thought-provoking.