Lauren Conrad Dishes on Stardom, Spring Trends

lauren conrad

Lauren Conrad stops by Barnes & Noble in the Pru to sign her new book. (Courtesy photo)

Tomorrow night, the perfectly coiffed Lauren Conrad will stop by Barnes & Noble in the Pru to sign copies of her new novel, “The Fame Game,” and chat with fans. (You can also see her topless on the cover of Glamour’s May issue, hitting newsstands on April 10.)

We chatted with the “Hills” alum over the phone about the book and reality TV.

Q. ‘The Fame Game’ follows characters in a reality TV show — what attracts people to fame and do you think people consider the pitfalls that come along with it?

A. This industry has always been glamorized and I think the idea of so many people blindly loving you is just so attractive to some people. You know what I mean? It’s a very bizarre feeling to think someone you’ve never met adores you.

Q. How did you navigate stardom at a young age? Did you find it difficult to be grounded?

A. I didn’t because I have really lovely people around me. I would have it no other way. I was very fortunate.

Q. Would you ever consider doing a reality show again?

A. I’m not particularly excited about the idea of getting back into reality television … I made enough sacrifices throughout the years, so I don’t think I would do something if it involved my personal life in that way again.

Q. You currently wear several hats: writer, designer, actress. How do you juggle it all?

A. The key is just doing things you love. My dad always used to tell me when I was young, “If you do something that you love, you never work a day in your life.” I also just happen to function best when I’m not getting enough sleep and I’m really busy. I love when there are not enough hours in a day, that’s kind of when I’m at my best. When I have lots of spare time, I go a little crazy.

Q. Let’s switch gears a little bit: Where did the name of your clothing line — Paper Crown — come from?

A. We wanted something kind of pretty and whimsical-sounding and something with a back story. When I was little, I used to go to my grandmother’s house and we’d want to play dress-up, but I didn’t have my dress-up trunk there. So we would take paper and we’d cut out paper crowns. I liked the idea of creating your own glamour out of something very simple because that’s really what you do in the fashion industry.

Q. Which spring trends are you excited about?

A. Sherbet and pastel colors, especially when they’re head to toe — I think they’re so beautiful. I love that look. I also really like the printed denim.

Q. Your book ‘Lauren Conrad Beauty’ is also coming out this year. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

A. If I throw my hair up, I can do it in 10 minutes. I just use a lightweight foundation, I do a little light contouring with blush, and then I’ll do liquid liner and mascara.

Q. Tell me about your recent trip to Africa.

A. I went to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda for two weeks. I had never been, so I was really excited to travel and experience everything there. And, while we were there we spent some time visiting non-profits and seeing the work that they’re doing. I really want to take time in this next year to start dedicating more time to a cause. So, it was nice to visit the schools and the offices and organizations and just meet the people.

Q. Sounds cool.

A. It was so good, but it was in no way a glamorous trip. I was basically camping for half of it and like half the trip you’re peeing behind a tree with one man looking out for lions. So I was pretty excited to come home to hot showers and plumbing.

Q. When are you most content?

A. I’m most content after I’ve had a really nice, productive day and I get to come home and sit on my kitchen counter and have a glass of wine with my roommate and just talk about our days.

Interview was edited and condensed.