HubThreads: Celebrating Boston Street Style

Meet Kate. We caught up with her at the ICA First Friday event.

Photo by Diana Levine

Critics say this city has no style. We’re here to prove them wrong. Welcome to HubThreads, where we chat with the most stylish people we find out and about in Boston. Think you or someone you know has the best street style? Let us know.


You actually work at the ICA, right? What do you do for them? I’m the Social Media and Digital Content Manager.

How did you find this job, it sounds so interesting! I studied Art History at NYU, but after college, I worked more in publishing. I did magazine editing and marketing. This job was the perfect combination of my passion and my skill set.

Where are you from? I was born in London and lived there till I was 10. After that I grew up on the South Shore of Boston.

What brought you to Boston? We moved from London to Boston for my father’s job. We were only intending to stay for three years. And then we never left!

Why did you decide to stay here? Boston makes me feel inspired without feeling overextended.

Any favorite shops in Boston? I shop at Madewell, Uniqlo, COS, Boomerangs, Levis, Anthropologie, H&M and Gap for basics and accessories. Oona’s, and then pop up shops at places like Black Market.

Do you have any style icons? Kathleen Hanna, Anna Karina, Norwegian blogger Marianne Theodorsen, UK blogger Frédérique Harrel, Audrey Horne, Tavi Gevinson, Princess Nokia, Vivienne Westwood, Camille Rowe, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Dana Scully, Carrie Brownstein, Lea Seydoux, Princess Nokia, Priscilla Presley, The Spice Girls… the list goes on!

How you describe your personal style? I always want to feel like a 1960s new wave Parisian or a 1970s British punkette. I’m not sure I always succeed!

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