A Uniform That Could Win Gold

The qualities that Nike has in mind for the U.S. track and field athletes at the summer Olympics — harder, better, faster, stronger — are popping up in one not-so-expected place: the uniforms. No coaches or trainers necessary. No weights or treadmills, either. These uniforms are about style and the technology that’s come to modify it. Like the speed suits for the American skiers in Vancouver and the Speedo that Michael Phelps wore in Beijing, Nike has designed an aerodynamic uniform for U.S. track athletes competing in the 100- to 400-meter races.

Not to fear — athletes apart from the track and field team will have their grade-A uniforms custom-designed, too. Think silver jackets and pants for cyclists and synchronized swimmers, a satiny track suit for water polo players, and a jacket similar to that of the varsity letterman for equestrians and wrestlers. And let’s not forget the suave opening and closing ceremony outfits designed by none other than Ralph Lauren.

We’re looking forward to watching our U.S. athletes in the field, pool, track, and ring — all while looking stylish, too. [Boston.com]