‘Extreme Races’ Roundup

If a regular road race isn't for you, try one of these alternative races.

If mud and barbed wire is your thing, then this race round-up is for you. Photo via Flickr/Couloir

If mud and barbed wire is your thing, then this ‘extreme races’ round-up is for you. Photo via Flickr/Couloir

Are 5K’s not good enough for you? Do you need to be covered in mud and walking over glass before you consider it a good workout? Are electric shocks and barbed wire a part of your normal routine? Are people not really cool until they are dressed as zombies? If so, then one of these “extreme races” may be for you. Check out our list below of “extreme races” in the Greater Boston area and we will update it throughout the season. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list:

May 18

Westerly Rhode Island Bold r Dash Beach Race 2013

Massachusetts Tuff Scramblers Adventure Race Spring 2013

June 2

Boston Massachusetts Tough Mudder (in Gilford, NH)

June 8

New England Superhero Scramble 2013

July 13

Boston Massachusetts Dirty Girl Mud Run 2013

Boston 5K Foam Fest 2013

July 27

Boston New England LoziLu Women’s Mud Run 2013

New England Zombie Run For Your Lives 2013

August 10 and 11th

New England Spartan Race Spartan Sprint 2013

August 17

Boston Massachusetts Rebel Race 2013

August 25

Boston Massachusetts Survival Race 2013

September 7

New England Hero Rush 2013

Boston Massachusetts Shape Diva Dash 2013

September 14

New England/Tri-State NY Bone Frog Challenge 2013

November 16

Fenway Park Spartan Race Time Trial Boston 2013