Four New Ways to Try Paddleboarding This Summer

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the country’s fastest-growing summer sports—and with water all around, Boston offers multiple ways to hit the deck.

paddleboarding boston

Photograph by Jodi Caplan


Rent a board at Charles River Canoe & Kayak to explore the Charles River and the Esplanade lagoons either on your own or with a guided tour, many of which start at the outfit’s Kendall Square location. Beginner and intermediate lessons are also available.

$49 for rental and guided tour, 617-965-5110,

After Dark

NightSUP, created by Cape Ann SUP co-owners Dominic Olivo and Tyler Knight, offers evening paddles on patent-pending glow-in-the-dark boards. “We take a board that’s perfectly fine and then scar it up with some sandpaper, then install LED light strips, smooth it out with resin, and waterproof it,” Olivo says.

$65, 978-233-1787,


The extra balance required to do yoga on a board helps build concentration and core strength, and being on the water can be very meditative. For stability, SUP-Yo’s boards are secured with one-and-a-half-pound anchors. The Beverly and Hingham classes are led by owner and yoga instructor Jana Olenio.

$35, 978-361-5394,


While most paddleboarding is done on flat water, SUP Sonas offers participants the chance to “take a wave like a surfer would” on breaks at Nantasket Beach, in Hull, or at beaches in Rye, New Hampshire, says owner Stacey Mac. Classes start between 6 and 9 a.m. to avoid swimmers.

$45–$85 for lessons, 707-847-6627,

Summer Sun, by the Numbers 

Number of deaths caused by melanoma in Massachusetts every year.

The highest sun protection factor (SPF) you should seek out in a sunscreen, according to Joseph Merola, a dermatologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Higher SPFs aren’t any more effective.

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Number of people per 100,000 diagnosed with skin cancer in the state in 2010 (tied with California).

Percentage of men’s melanoma cases originating on the back.