12 Water Exercises To Try This Summer

Next time you're at the pool or in the ocean, try these underwater workouts.

Water exercises photo via shutterstock

Water exercises photo via shutterstock

During your next visit to the beach or pool, use the water to your advantage. It’s not only a great relief from summer heat, but it also makes an effective exercise tool. The majority of these moves are discrete, allowing you to work out in a public swimming area without putting on a show. Below, our list of 12 water workout moves.

1. Squat Step
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To help tone your inner thighs, try this exercise. Step to one side, squat, step back, and squat on the other side. Be sure to keep your chest up and head above the water.

2. Aqua Teaser
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Work your abs with this v-sit in the water. Get into a “v” position, but keep your head above the water and tread with your arms. Bring your knees to your chest and repeat.

3. Butt-Kicks
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Just like you would on land, use your legs to kick your butt. If you want to strengthen your arms as well, do the breast stroke while kicking.

4. Knee-Tuck
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Jump up and tuck your knees in order to complete this leg and core exercise. The benefit of doing it in a pool? No major impact like there is when doing the move on land.

5. Butterfly Beats
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This exercise uses the water’s resistance to build arm muscle. Stand with your arms by your side, bring them forward and clap, then backward and clap.

6. K-Tred
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In the deep end, tread water and bring your right leg up, flex your toes, and hold for a couple seconds. Repeat with the left leg. This move works your legs and strengthens your abs.

7. Water Run
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To get some cardio in, stand in the shallow end and run in the water. To make the exercise more difficult, try it in deeper water. Your feet won’t touch, but there will be more resistance.

8. Spiderman
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Challenge your back and core muscles by walking up the side of the pool. Stand in front of the side, place your feet on the bottom, and walk them up the side. Keep your abs in tight.

9. Push Ups
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Place your hands on the side of the pool and press down to lift your body out of the water. Hold for a couple of seconds and lower back into the water. Repeat as many times as possible.

10. Arm Rotations
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Keep your arms submerged in water and rotate them 20 times forward and then 20 times backwards. If you need to modify the move, start by doing the exercise outside the water at first and once you gain enough strength, do the move in the water.

11. Scissor Kicks
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With your back to the side of the pool, place your arms on the edge. Stick your legs out straight and kick them over each other, like you would when doing scissor kicks on land. This move works your glutes, legs, and abs.

12. Squat Jump
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Bend down low, like you’re doing a squat, jump out of the water, and land softly back down. For the most effective movement, do this in waist deep water and jump as high as you can.