You Could Win $5,000 for Sprinting Up 100 Flights of Stairs

Under Armour is sponsoring a race to the top of the Prudential Center.

If you’re crazy enough to dash up 50 flights of stairs as fast as you can, then do it again, you could win $5,000.

To celebrate the opening of its Prudential Center flagship, Under Armour is sponsoring 50 Flight Fight, a race to the top of the Pru, on Saturday, November 5.

Participants will begin at the Under Armour store. They’ll then sprint, run, jog, or walk up 50 floors, all the way to the top of the Prudential Tower. (Don’t worry, starting times will be staggered to avoid traffic jams.) The fastest two finishers will have the distinct pleasure of doing the whole thing again in a head-to-head showdown, with the winner taking home $5,000. We’re winded just thinking about it.

After the general public race wraps up, the top athletes from the Boston Police Department and the Boston Fire Department will compete for the day’s grand prize. The victor of that race will win $10,000 for improvements to department fitness facilities or community outreach programs.

If sprinting stairs is your idea of a fun Saturday—we’re looking at you, StairMaster addicts, walk-up apartment warriors, and November Project devotées—you may enter the registration lottery for free, via Eventbrite, until October 30. You’ll be notified on October 31 as to whether you got a spot.

Free, 11/5, 9 a.m. Under Armour Brand House, 800 Boylston St., Boston,