These Jobs May Get You a Date on Tinder

People swiped right for these careers, according to the dating app.

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If you’re single, ready to mingle, and have one of these careers, you may be poised to find love on Tinder.

The ubiquitous dating app revealed the 10 professions, for both men and women, that garnered the most right swipes in Boston. Female doctors and male chemists topped the list—which makes sense in a city full of hospitals and research centers.

Bostonians also showed some love to other health-related careers, with female yoga instructors and veterinarians landing in the top 10. On the flip side, male flight attendants, lawyers, and creative directors were seen as desirable.

In a city chock full of big brains and active people, the results come as no surprise to us. Check out the whole list below to see if your career cracked the top 10:

Popular Jobs in Boston for Tinder. Photo provided.

Graphic provided.