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Person of Interest: Slaine

A menacing mug has turned him into Hollywood’s go-to Boston tough guy, but for Slaine, it’s no act.

Porgy Begins Anew

The A.R.T. takes on the play more known about than actually known.

The Must List

This month’s not-to-be-missed happenings.

Hubbub: Pete Souza

You may not know White House photographer Pete Souza. But you know his work — unless you’ve been living in a cave.

A Real Prince

Hey, Kevin James, do us a favor: please make your schlock somewhere else.

Hubbub with Maura Tierney

Maura Tierney talks ER, Denis Leary and the (dubious) architectural merits of Boston City Hall.

Interview with Louis CK

Catching up with Louis CK… we don’t think he was hungry at the time.

The Arts Beat: Art to Melt For

DeCordova’s got a plan to house the mother of all snowballs.

Hubbub with Brad Falchuk

Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk talks song, dance, fans and high school.

Shaking It Up — Again

The Cars’ comeback album turns out to be just what we needed.

Person of Interest: Matt Siegel

Thirty years on, Matty in the Morning still rules Boston radio. (And he’ll take full credit.)

Tired Old Chestnut

Chestnut Hill used to be the peak of suburban shopping decadence. Now? Well, there’s plenty of good parking available.

Winter Survival: Saving Your Parking Spot

After a nor’easter, how best to claim ownership of that parking spot you shoveled out? With a chair, of course. Here, our guide to neighborhood-appropriate space-savers.

Person of Interest: Andre Dubus III

The author finds his most conflicted subject yet: himself.

Why American Idol Will Rescue Aerosmith

The hot mess that goes by the name Steven Tyler will make his debut as an American Idol judge.