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June 2008 Issue

The Islands, Decoded

Whether you’re a first-time weekender or have a lifetime of summers under your whale belt, our discriminating guide to navigating Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket like a veteran will guarantee nobody will know the difference.


Double Trouble

Massachusetts has the highest rate of twin births in the nation. In and around Boston, it feels more like an epidemic. Which has this proud and very, very tired mother of twins wondering: is this a good thing—for anyone?

Over His Dead Body

Time was, Cardinal William O’Connell could bend the city to his will. Today, as an expansion-crazed Boston College is discovering, his bones are proving an equally potent adversary. The making of a town-gown fight of biblical proportions.

The Ballad of a Mad Fan

Bart Steele wrote a love song to the Red Sox that changed his life—until, he says, Jon Bon Jovi (allegedly!) ripped it off, and changed his life all over again.


Wanted: Kamikaze Candidates

Why the city—and even Tom Menino himself—desperately needs a no-holds-barred mayoral race.

The Tyranny of the Meek

Opinions are like @$$&%!*$—and these days, the Globe doesn’t have nearly enough of either.



A Mishmashing Success

With its swirling décor, swankified vibe, and overwrought fusion menu, Banq has foodie nightmare written all over it. Funny thing, though: It works.