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September 2010 Issue

Best Schools 2010

Presenting our exclusive ranking of the Hub’s top 50 public high schools. Plus: How Boston’s education landscape is being reshape by charter schools like Roxbury Prep.


Fall Fashion 2010: Built to Last

The season’s smartest styles.

These Roxbury Prep Kids Can Kick Your Kid’’s MCAS!

Charter school advocates think they know how to save our students. With charters like Roxbury Prep set to expand dramatically, we’re about to find out if they’re right.

Dunkin’s Run: A Love Story

Since opening the doors of its original shop 60 years ago, Dunkin’ Donuts has grown into an international juggernaut. Here’s why Bostonians don’t hold that against it.

Gods & Mobsters

Eight years ago, a former Whitey Bulger henchman joined a well-to-do Beacon Hill church, where he quickly ingratiated himself with a group of influential congregants. But as allegations about the ex-con piled up, some members began to wonder: Just how reformed was Eddie MacKenzie?


Hack in Action

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray is exactly the kind of politician Deval Patrick railed against four years ago. He’s also the reason Patrick may win again in November.

Ill Wind

The tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is the most compelling reason yet to reconsider construction of an offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound.

Fashion + Style


Next Generation Prep

It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years since The Official Preppy Handbook turned “summer” into a verb.

On the Market: 9 West Broadway, Unit 606

A peek inside a loft done right.

Register: Independent Designer’s Market

A new venue for Boston’s best craftspeople.


Adventures: Power Trip

Do the Boston Harbor Islands at your own speed: by powerboat.

Bright On Time

Thanks to South Boston-based design team Chroma Lab, watching the clock has never been so pleasant.


Person of Interest: Ken Burns

Ken Burns has always refused to return to the subjects of his famed documentaries.

Sports: The Comeback Kid

Five months after being named one of the best football players in the nation, BC linebacker Mark Herzlich was diagnosed last May with a rare form of cancer and told he’d never play again. Those doctors clearly didn’t know who they were talking to. On 9/4 the fully recovered senior will take the field in BC’s season opener.


The Education of Bill O’Reilly

If nothing else, Bill O’Reilly’s upcoming book, Pinheads and Patriots, will stand as a testament to his consistency as a freedom-loving Fox News personality. The American flag? Still good. Barney Frank? Still an idiot. But was O’Reilly always so predictable? To find out, we looked back to 1974, when Papa Bear was still a cub columnist for BU’s the Daily Free Press. Here’s how his thinking from 36 years ago compares to some of his more recent opinions.



Dining Out: Rocca

A new chef puts this two-year-old South End restaurant back on the city’s culinary map.

Tastemaking: Blazing the Flavor Trail

The cool chefs’ hot new “It” ingredient.

The Ultimate: Fried Chicken

Highland Kitchen gets fried chicken right with its buttermilk-fried version, served only on Monday nights.

First Bite: Sam’s

The new Louis store at Fan Pier may have finally cracked the formula for a house restaurant.

First Bite: The Gallows

Does the South End really need another gastropub? Surprisingly, yes.

Arts + Entertainment

Hubbub: Chuck Hogan

On September 10 Chuck Hogan’s Charlestown-set bank heist novel, The Town, hits screens as Ben Affleck’s new thriller.