Try It, You Might Like It: Mad Fish Mud

mad_fish_mud_1.jpgSometimes, there are things in life you just aren’t sure about trying. Maybe you lack a sense of daring, or maybe you’re just sane. Luckily, we’ve got high levels of daring with a twist of insanity, so we will sample these things for you.

Today, we tried Mad Fish Mud, a new ice cream flavor from the folks at Brigham’s and future sitcom star Charlie Moore.

Charlie’s people sent a large sample of his new venture to the Boston magazine offices, and the email call went out to try the flavor with the caveat, “It tastes nothing like bass. Or lake water.” Another staffer said it was the most unappetizing ice cream name he’d heard, and asked if “Swamp Eel’s Rectum” had been taken.

The ice cream happily announcing that it’s all-natural (to leave more of God’s creatures to hunt, presumably). The packaging describes the ice cream as “coffee ice cream with caramel bait in streams of Brigham’s fudge sauce.” If Swamp Eel Rectum hadn’t put us off our sweets, the idea of “streams of fudge” certainly did.

mad_fish_mud_2.jpgThe ice cream is essentially Mississippi Mud Pie without the Oreos. The coffee ice cream is a good match, since it’s not sickeningly sweet, and it doesn’t have any ice crystals that crop up in lighter ice creams.

The “caramel bait” the package describes is actually small globs of caramel coated in chocolate, which adds a nice change in flavor. The fudge, while nasty-sounding, is excellent and doesn’t permeate every bite. It’s a good blend of sweetness, though we still miss the Oreos. But at least they didn’t stick Swedish Fish or something obvious like that in there.

Our verdict: Don’t think too heavily on the name, and try it. You’ll probably like it.