Talk of the Town: Stil Steals the Spotlight

Style editor Alyssa Giacobbe takes you around town, from the hottest parties to the grandest galas.

At last night’s Stil opening at–wait for it–the new Natick Mall, party goers were treated to Absolut Pear martinis, snacks courtesy of Sel de la Terre, and, at the door, an awkward table dancer dressed in a glittery get-up. Despite ever-louder whispers (“get that girl a pair of Spanx!” was heard more than once) the go-getting go-go girl kept it up for the entire three-hour party.

Among the crowd: BU’s most popular senior, designer and Stil salesguy Sam Mendoza sharing a smoke with his sidekick muse; artist Brian Burkhardt talking up his latest project’s October 23 premiere at Mills Gallery; art consultant (and 2007 Best of Boston winner) Barbara Lee; local celebrity stylist Erica Corsano; and Stil publicist Barbara Quiroga’s pretty cute son, Gustavo.

Owner Betty Riaz made a point to take us inside the superluxe fitting rooms, which sported shag rug-like curtains that cost a whopping $10,000 to create. “I’m totally broke,” Riaz joked.

But the fitting rooms weren’t the only alternate spaces to star: As Absolut drinkers set off in search of relief, they encountered the mall’s spacious bathrooms, a popular subject of discussion. As one attendee said, “Have you seen the bathrooms? We could have a party in there!” That’s when Rachel Baker and I decided these ‘burbs were too wild for our tastes, so we split.