The Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award Nominees

Mitt Romney has had some pretty terrible weeks, but there’s more than enough bad fortune to go around. Thus, Boston Daily bestows the weekly Willard Mitt Romney Worse Week Than You Award to validate that you, yes you, really did have an awful week.

The nominees are. . .

Kenneth Phillips
The 59-year-old man from Norfolk struck and killed a 13-year-old girl on Tuesday as he drove a company truck into the company’s driveway. On Wednesday, it was announced he would face charges of motor vehicle homicide, among others. If he was driving dangerously he deserves punishment, but he’s got to live with the fact he killed a kid for the rest of his life.

We don’t like to provoke the wrath of the big man upstairs, but he’s had a pretty bad week. On Tuesday, news broke that Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers was suing God for “widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth’s inhabitants.” God has since responded, but we imagine He is not pleased to pay legal fees.

Closer to home, a statue of God’s son was damaged by vandals, while a statue of Lucifer was left untouched. The library will glue Jesus back together again, but nobody likes when their kid is bullied, even the Lord.

Boston Red Sox
The week started out with such promise. Yes, they’d just dropped two of three to the Yankees, but the Sox still had a 4 1/2 game lead in the division heading to Toronto to take on the lowly Blue Jays. Then the Sox lost. Eric Gagne happened. The brooms came out. With a tenuous 1 1/2 game lead, panic has ensued.

You’d think casino fans would be having a great week. Governor Deval Patrick has planned three resort casinos spread from the economically depressed shores of Southeastern Massachusetts to the desolate mountains of Western Massachusetts. But the constant barrage of media coverage has us sick of casinos, thus depriving Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Las Vegas of our tax dollars.

Stay tuned for the results this afternoon. Make your case for who had a Worse Week Than You in the comments.