There You Have the Red Sox Rally

Much like life itself, you’ve got to take the good with the bad at the rolling rally. Boston Daily literally ran up Mass Ave. (who knew the rally would start on time?) and then on to Copley Square to partake in the celebration. In case you have the one boss who didn’t let his/her employees take long lunches, here’s the good and the bad, according to us.

Duck Boats
Good: They’re colorful and iconic to natives and tourists alike. And it’s always funny to imagine Curt Schilling insisting that he isn’t going to ride the gay pride boat. (This year, members of the front office rode in the rainbow boat.)

Bad: There’s no way to know which players will be on which side of the boat. Therefore, you get a full view of J.D. Drew but can’t see Jacoby Ellsbury’s pretty, pretty face. Since the players refused to sail through the Charles River, it seems they should have been in vehicles where they could easily wave to fans on either side of the route.

Jonathan Papelbon’s jig
1193768308Good: Papelbon wasn’t on a Duck Boat. Instead, the relief pitcher was on a flatbed with the Dropkick Murphys, playing along on an air guitar as a cigar dangled out of his mouth. We briskly walked to Copley Square and arrived just in time to see the man dance.

Bad: It was hilarious to see Papelbon so moved after sweeping the Angels that he did a step dance with a Bud Lite box on his head, but every time he does the jig now you can imagine the trademark symbol popping up to the right of him. Even the Murphys expressed their frustration by starting things off by saying “Who wants to see this bastard dance?” The crowd cheered, but the magic is gone.

Shirtless fans
1193768077Good: It depends on how you define good, but this guy wrote “If Papelbon does his jig, I’ll do the truffle shuffle. . .” on his back. Papelbon has done more to make dancing acceptable to men than Billy Elliot. And ladies, this guy is single. We know because he wrote that on his chest.

Bad: His friend, who stood meekly behind him with “If Billy does the truffle shuffle, I’ll do the worm” written on his back. Come on, dude. You’ve got to get up on that phone booth with your buddy to make the joke work. Also, it’s probably not good to kick an elderly woman in the back as you do a poor version of the worm.

Cute kids
1193768125Good: Maybe we missed something, but we’ve never seen Little Papi shirts. We loved this girl– she excitedly flailed around as the players went by, reserving her biggest waves for Wally. Kudos to her parents for not dressing her in pink gear.

1193768218Bad More Good: There is no such thing, so we’ll give you some bonus cuteness. Coco Crisp’s kid is giving little Papi himself, D’Angelo Ortiz, a run for the title of cutest kid of a Red Sox player.

Now the players will head back home, leaving us without baseball until spring training. What are we going to do with all this spare time? Oh, right.