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1196688393Baptist vs. Mormon: Seeing his lead in Iowa dwindling as former Baptist minister Mike Huckabee surges, Mitt Romney will give a speech to explain his religious beliefs to voters on Thursday. [Globe]

. . . And there it is: Michele McPhee finds a connection between Clinton campaign hostage-taker Leeland Eisenberg and released felon Daniel Tavares. Eisenberg served time in Massachusetts for a rape, and has been in and our of jail for committing “petty crimes” since his release. [Herald]

This is yooge: Donald Trump is in talks with Wonderland owner Charles Sarkis to bid for one of the three possible casino licenses in the state. This is a pretty big slap in the face to Trump rival and Suffolk Downs owner Richard Fields, who is also hoping to team up with Wonderland for a casino license. [Globe]

Ouch: The Boston area will lose about $3 billion in economic activity as a result of the collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market. If you need us, we’ll be scouring our couch for change to prepare for the upcoming recession. [Herald]