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1198071044Together we can order a Reuben: Gov. Deval Patrick testified at a casino hearing yesterday. Then everybody got bored with the numbers and went to the 21st Amendment for lunch. Did anyone think to invite Jason Schwartz? [Globe]

Has anybody asked Mrs. Menino about this? The Herald continues to psychoanalyze local political figures, this time investigating why Mayor Tom Menino can’t accept blame for anything. We’d wager he also never takes out the trash. [Herald]

It’s okay that it didn’t work because they weren’t really trying: Public safety officials say that the chaos during last week’s snowstorm doesn’t reflect the state’s evacuation procedures. In the event of an actual emergency, police would prevent gridlock on major roadways and the Pike would be turned into an 8-lane Westbound highway. Can we do that every afternoon? It sounds like it would make our ride home much faster. [Globe]

There’s always online shopping and express shipping: Retail experts say that this is the weekend to avoid the mall. After last weekend’s nor’easter, stores are staying open late to accommodate the glut of last-minute shoppers. [Herald]