Breaking: Kerry to Endorse Obama

1199978399We were pretty sure the Democratic National Committee had gagged Sen. John Kerry and locked him in a basement. After his swiftboating and defeat at the hands of George W. Bush in 2004, the Massachusetts senator went on to tell a group of students that if they didn’t get a good education they’d get “stuck in Iraq.”

But, Kerry has emerged from the depths and endorsed Barack Obama.

Kerry, who announced last year he would not again seek his party’s nomination for president, believes his Illinois colleague “has the best potential to bring about transformational change. . .”

It’s not official yet, but the senator plans to make a public display of his affection for Obama in South Carolina today. It’s certainly an interesting twist in the heated primary race between Obama and Hillary Clinton, not to mention the suddenly-relevant Massachusetts primary.

We’re just hoping that Kerry doesn’t make some “half-black, all about America” joke at today’s event.