1200336647Like Christ from the cave, former governor/helicopter enthusiast Jane Swift has risen from the dead, just in time to take bitter revenge on her enemies (I may be using a different translation of the Bible for this allusion).

An email just arrived from the John McCain camp, in which Swifty attacks the lofty claims of her successor in office, Willard “Dogroof” Romney. Swift formally endorsed McCain last month (unquestionably the X Factor in McCain’s stunning NH win), after her old No. 1 Paul Cellucci ripped Mitt a new hole in his magic underwear, and by the looks of it, she plans to continue bringing her clout to bear on this very important election.

Or, at the very least, attempt to pin herself to McCain’s lapel for the ride.

Bravo. Here’s the statement:

“Michigan voters shouldn’t be fooled by Mitt Romney’s latest campaign promises of economic development and job growth. They need to look closely at his record in Massachusetts, where manufacturing job growth was third-worst in the country and taxes and ‘fees’ increased by over $700 million per year. Mitt Romney even advocated a new SUV tax that would have hurt the same American auto industry in Michigan that he now claims to champion.

“Mitt Romney has a reputation of saying anything to win. A comparison of his record versus his rhetoric on the economy shows why.”

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