The Herald is Looking for Casual Encounters

1200407336Football season is almost over for Patriots fans. Barring some earth-shattering calamity at the hands of the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon, the team has only two more games to play. While that makes us here at Boston Daily sad, some are looking forward to weekends without sports. Who?

Football widows.

The Herald profiles these neglected creatures by sending Laurel Sweet to browse craigslist for some attention-starved wives. Because if there’s any place that represents the average Bostonian’s outlook on anything, it’s craigslist.

“My man is at (the) Patriots game and I am bored. I dont(sic) care, I am sorry. The (expletive) was going to take me out tonight,” one scorned woman, trolling the personals on, wrote online about 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

We thought stuff like this only happened on sitcoms. What kind of idiot promises to take his wife out when there’s playoff football happening? If he’s such a big Pats fan, he should see the date and time behind his eyes every time he blinks.

Either she’s lying and used a clever excuse for some pity sex, or she’s married to the dumbest guy on the planet. And, quite possibly, “she” is a dude. Craigslist is a scary, scary place if you venture away from the apartment listings. This article could just as easily have been written about yesterday’s snowstorm. (Link has no pictures, but don’t open it with the boss over your shoulder.)

We know that most football wives take the expert advice in the Herald piece and don’t fight their husband’s need to watch the games. There’s plenty to like about watching football, such as myriad dip options, and an excuse to drink beer on a Sunday afternoon. Only the truly depraved would give that up for some craigslist sex.