Lance Armstrong to Run Boston Marathon

1200590009Boston Daily is a huge fan of the Boston Marathon. There’s nothing sweeter than an April day spent on a friend’s stoop along the marathon route, drinking out of plastic cups with the Sox game on the radio as you wait for the marathoners to speed by. While we love the silly costumes and marriage proposals scrawled across somebody’s bloody chest, we’ve noticed something was missing from our beloved race.

Star power.

But all that’s about to change. This year, the Boston Marathon is all about famous people.

Earlier this month, rumors were flying that Katie Holmes would run this year’s marathon. Holmes has since denied it, but she completed most of the New York Marathon undetected last year so we will keep the hope alive.

But we do know that noted cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong will run in this year’s Boston Marathon. Armstrong qualified for the race with a 2:46:43 finish in the New York Marathon, but will still run to collect donations for his foundation. We’ll be sure to raise our plastic cup to the seven-time Tour de France champion as he blows by our perch along the route.