Attention College Students: We Want More Essays

1193157594As the Super Bowl creeps closer, local colleges have covered their asses by issuing obligatory statements that riotous behavior by students will not be tolerated.

Boston Daily, however, is hoping for some non-fatal hijinks from our college population. Not because we support the wanton destruction of personal property in any way whatsoever, but because we want to read some more court-mandated essays.

For those of you who were in a sleep deprived haze after the Sox swept the World Series, Judge Edward Redd assigned a five-page essay to seven college students who were arrested in post-game celebrations. He then made our dreams come true by releasing the pieces to the media.

With the dominance of Boston’s sports teams, we think this could become a critical element of a championship celebration. An overzealous college kid acting like a jackass in front of a cop is almost as essential to the post-championship glow as the Duck Boats.

So go ahead, kids. Turn those baseball hats backward and refuse to disperse when you’re nicely asked. We can’t wait to read your papers.