Check the Odds and Place Your Bets

1201880908Deep within the halls of government, our elected officials are brokering deals. Behind closed doors a promise is made between warring factions, the deal sealed with a quick handshake on the way out.

No, we’re not talking about casino negotiations. We’re talking about the bets between New York and Massachusetts’s senators, governors, and mayors.

How many hours until kickoff again?

The Globe details the wagers between Boston and New York (pastrami from New York, Legal Seafoods chowder from Boston) and some good-natured smack-talk between Senators Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer.

“Nineteen-and-0 is coming at you, Chuck,” Kennedy said in a written statement. “Tom Brady and the Patriots are pumped for this one. They’re ready for anything the Giants throw at them. We can’t wait to see you in a Belichick Hoodie, Chuck.”

Is it us or does Kennedy sounds like Peppermint Patty from Peanuts.

Perhaps the best quote from a politician is a stale one. To demonstrate the delicate nature of wagering negotiations, we cite former governor Mitt Romney’s deal with Pennsylvania in 2005.

In 2005, Governor Mitt Romney refused the initial offer from Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, who wanted to trade Philly cheese steaks for New England lobsters.

“He said the cheese steak had no nutritional value,” Rendell told reporters.

Come on, Mitt. That’s the one thing Philly has going for it. Let the city have its moment. The homeless can go back to their diet of grilled chicken and steamed veggies the day after the food comes in.

Romney isn’t the only one who hates fun.

“It’s just a way of politicians sticking their nose in something,” said Frank Deford, the veteran sportswriter and a commentator on National Public Radio. “It’s like teams pouring the Gatorade on the coach. The first time it was funny, the second time, OK. And then it never ends. It’s really time to end this.”

No. No, it isn’t. It gives us something to talk about other than Tom Brady’s ankle, Randy Moss’s restraining order, or that crazy reporter who proposed to Brady on media day. Keep the wagers coming.