Hillary Clinton Starts Spinning

1202247789Even if Illinois Sen. Barack Obama doesn’t win Super Tuesday, he’s clearly made Hillary Clinton nervous. As we’ve been clicking around the internet this afternoon, we’ve noticed the New York senator is preparing her campaign for a hard slog that may not end until the August convention in Denver.

Clinton told reporters this afternoon that she has accepted four invitations to various debates between now and the next wave of primaries on March 4. For those of you programming your TiVo, that’s one debate a week. It remains to be seen whether Obama will show up or if Clinton will just debate with Mike Gravel.

Senator Clinton also spent an hour of her Super Tuesday telling reporters that today’s contests aren’t as important as the ones in March.

“It’s possible that Senator Obama will have come out of the night having won more delegates on the day,” said Clinton’s communications director, Howard Wolfson. “It’s possible that we will come out of the night having won more delegates on the day. I don’t think either side will come out with an appreciably more delegates.”

God, please let someone have appreciably more delegates. We love a good fight, but if we have a primary that goes on for another six months we are going to lose our minds.