Paris Hilton’s Night in Boston

1202396124If the city felt a little different to you this week, it’s not only because Patriots lost. This week tabloid princess Paris Hilton partied in our clubs, caused a ruckus, and sent staid Harvard University into a frenzy. Shake off your Hilton-induced hangover as we review the time Paris spent in the Hub.

NECN reports that the heiress was over an hour late to accept her Harvard Lampoon Woman of the Year award. But heiresses can’t be bothered with punctuality, so the little people had to wait to catch a glimpse of her in person.

1202396435When she finally did show up, she looked amazing in her gray coat and a short red dress. Much like Victoria Beckham’s uncharacteristically conservative ensemble during her appearance in town last week, it seems the fashionistas tone it down when they visit Boston in February. While we may be disappointed she wasn’t her usual flashy self, we totally want that coat.

Hilton read from a script that we’re pretty sure she wrote herself.

“You know, I’m like a lot of you Harvard students, really,” she said in a short acceptance speech on the steps of the Lampoon castle. “You have a Lamont Library. We also have a Lamont Library, except it’s a club in LA where celebs go to dance on tables and get crazy.”

“Harvard is hot,” she said.

With that, the socialite dashed off to her penthouse suite at the Liberty Hotel to prepare for her night of partying. BoMag’s ace designer/photog Diana Levine caught her in her natural habitat as Hilton helped the Estate celebrate its first birthday.

And now she’s gone, leaving us cold and alone. At least we’ll always have One Night in Paris.

Photo Credit 1: Diana Levine

Photo Credit 2: The Cambridge Chronicle