Are the Ladies Not Going For Bald Deval?

1202827150As any stupid high school student can tell you, popularity is the most important thing in the world. Which is bad news for Gov. Deval Patrick. Jon Keller reports that the governor’s approval rating is slipping, especially among women. A year ago, an impressive 63 percent of women approved of Patrick’s performance. That number is now down to 47 percent.

Keller believes that women are dissatisfied with Patrick because he endorsed Barack Obama and he’s taking the blame for a stagnating economy. We say it’s something even simpler than that.

It’s his new haircut.

We told you the bald look isn’t doing you any favors. Women can certainly look beyond appearances to elect their officials (how else could Ted Kennedy remain in office?), but look at the facts. Last year, you had a full head of short hair. Now, you have a chrome dome.

Coincidence? We think not. Here’s a little advice from your friends at Boston Daily: Grow back your hair and pray that life sciences bill gets passed by the senate.