Dunkin’ Donuts Goes to the Races

1204563583Those of you who read this blog know that we are not huge fans of Rachael Ray, especially when she’s shilling for Dunkin’ Donuts. But we’re slowly coming around, largely because her appearance in the company’s most recent ads in mercifully brief and Ray-ism free.

Another factor in our decision? We’ve just found out that Dunkin’ Donuts has joined forces with the National Hot Rod Association. If it’s a choice between the disingenuous Rachael Ray or watching shirtless rednecks sipping a medium regular, we’ll accept our delish new overlord with open arms.

Dunkin’ Donuts will sell its wares at tracks in Atlanta and Gainesville, Florida for a couple of races. The company also is trying out a two-race sponsorship of Zach Beard, a 17-year-old driver with connections to the Canton-based operation.

Dunkin’ Donuts wound up at David Powers Motorsports, in part, because of a relationship between Beard’s father, Lee, an NHRA crew chief, and Doug Rainey, director of operations and new business development for Dunkin’ Brands.

Holy nepotism. At least Rachael Ray had to feign interest in the product to get her gig.