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1204636972Hey, at least it’s not an F: Citing its $18 billion in debt and inability to budget properly, the Pew Center gave Massachusetts a C for its efforts to keep its infrastructure running. Only New Hampshire and Rhode Island scored lower. [Herald]

But where will doctors get pens for their offices now? Senate President Therese Murray proposed legislation that would forbid pharmaceutical companies from giving doctors gifts like meals, travel, or pens with a drug logo on them. [Globe]

Peace and quiet returns to Eastie. Sort of: Flights in and out of Logan in January dropped 10 percent from a year ago, the biggest decrease since 9/11. [Herald]

Maybe people are saving their airfare to prepare for the mid-2009 housing boom: Experts say that the Boston housing market won’t rebound until the middle of next year. Earlier predictions had the upward trend starting at the end of 2008. [Globe]