Baby Namer’s Remorse

1204748193We here at Boston Daily have never had occasion to name a baby, and probably never will since our ovaries are shutting down as we write this. But we can see how coming up with a name for a newborn could put a lot of pressure on a person.

A new report says that three percent of parents regret the name they gave their baby. Which got us curious—have any of you parents out there regretted giving your baby a sports-related name?

Back in January when the Patriots were undefeated (sob), we chided Massachusetts parents for not naming their kids after Tom Brady or other superstar local players.

Come on, spawning sports fans. We expect better of you. Next year, we want to see Brady, Randy, Kevin, Beckett, and Jacoby at the top of the baby names list.

But now that the Patriots blew off their date with history in the Super Bowl, have you started calling your little Brady by his middle name? Now that Johnny Damon is with the Yankees, have you started full-naming your son John? We can’t even imagine how bad parent who named their kids after Red Sox phenom Roger Clemens during the mid-80’s are feeling now.

Between this and the whole college financing crisis, we think we’re cool with letting our baby-making years slip away.