Do You Have a Minute to Talk About Getting Scammed?

1205243853You catch them out of the corner of your eye. A clipboard in their hand, they stand around smiling at everyone who walks near them. Desperate, you fumble for your iPod, your cell phone, anything that may deter them from accosting you.

“Hi! Do you have a minute to talk about the environment?”

Damn. You’ve been cornered by Greenpeace. But take heart. It could be worse.

1205243694The Cambridge Chronicle reports that a man has been posing as a Greenpeace activist. Roy Tucker goes from door-to-door in Cambridge, asking for money. As you can imagine, this has upset the real Greenpeace volunteers.

“We’re worried he’s going to give Greenpeace a bad name,” [Greenpeace attorney Tom] Wetterer said.

Um. Your tactics involve dressing up in a polar bear costume and standing around. Al Gore never had to resort to that in An Inconvenient Truth. Just saying.

Cambridge Police remind us that Greenpeace representatives haven’t canvassed door-to-door since the late 90’s, so anyone claiming to need your money isn’t legit. So make like you’re being accosted on the street by an uber-perky volunteer, and pretend you don’t see this guy coming.

Photo Credits: Greenpeace, Cambridge Chronicle