What Does the Mayor Have To Do With the Price of Soda at the Movies?

1206390474Yesterday afternoon, we learned that Mayor Tom Menino would appear on Boston contributor Michele McPhee’s radio show. The Mayor made the first of his monthly appearances on last night’s broadcast.

Right off the bat, McPhee acknowledged that she’d get some emails from listeners lambasting her for going easy on Hizzoner. But some of the missives she received weren’t nearly that thoughtful.

McPhee sent Boston Daily some of her listener email. It reminds us of the commenters who crop up whenever we mention an American Idol contestant.

One listener fixated on the scourge of illegal immigrants in the city.

Under the Menino administration, the City of Boston has become a city that relies heavily on taxes, fees and fines. And because of it, a good percentage of our citizens have chosen to move elsewhere to get a better value for their money. When citizens move away there is less tax money to collect because they are being replaced by illegal immigrants.

. . . Or because there are less people to tax. But whatever makes you happy.

Another listener took his argument to the dogs. (sics implied)

Michelle, I just heard the mayor say that there is no money in the budget for fire fighters but we can affort a DOG TASK FORCE????? I am MOT a union person or fire fighter but how do you expain this?

But our favorite email of them all is this short-but-sweet gem, titled “The price of soft drinks at Boston common cinema.”

Ask the Mayor why soft drinks cost more than a gallon of gas ?

Who monitors the prices they charge ?

You’re looking at a possibly competitive race next year, Mr. Mayor. It sounds like you’d have this WTKK listener’s vote if you address this issue. Hey, it makes about as much sense as banning video games to us.

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