Oh My God, It’s. . . Sandra Bullock

The fact that Boston has become a popular spot for filming movies is exciting. It’s so exciting, in fact, that Boston magazine wrote a whole package on how to take advantage of this brave new world. We’re just as delighted to see beautiful shots of the Boston skyline as you are.

1207057953But we aren’t happy to see the Herald flipping out whenever some celebrity shows up in town. If we’re going to be an A-List destination, you guys have got to calm down.

On the cover of today’s edition of the tabloid, we learn that Sandra Bullock is filming a movie in Boston. This is now normal.

We are, after all, a Hollywood destination, and part of the fun of being a moviemaking town is treating celebrities like regular folks. Let’s put it another way: It’s not front-page news in New York when Times Square shuts down for a movie or TV shoot. It shouldn’t be cover-worthy news when an actress best known for driving a bus films a scene in Boston.