Is Mitt Romney Making a Comeback?

The never-ending battle for the Democratic nomination continued yesterday as voters in North Carolina and Indiana did their best to prolong the fight. Hillary Clinton eked out a victory in Indiana while Barack Obama obliterated her in the Tar Heel State. To paraphrase the Talking Heads, the gap between the Democratic candidates is the same as it ever was.

So until Clinton drops out of the race Howard Dean forces someone to make a decision something changes, let’s focus on the real news of last night’s primaries.

1201023724Thousands of Indianans want Mitt Romney to be their next president.

The results of the Republican primary (they still have those?) were shocking to Wonkette’s Jim Newell.

Can you imagine waking up in Indiana this morning, eating breakfast, maybe walkin’ the ol’ dog, not showering, getting in your car, driving to the local elementary school to vote in the Republican primary — the party that chose its nominee months ago! — signing in, showing your ID, getting into the booth and pulling the lever for Mitt “Willard” Romney? Can you imagine doing that? Can you imagine being that person, and having to live that person’s life every single day?

More than 15,000 voters in Indiana cast their lot with our former governor. Perhaps they were voicing their choice for who they’d like to see as John McCain’s running mate? It would be just the thing to restore our interest in the race after the shot-swilling, naked-lapelled Democratic candidates destroyed it.