Jim Ogonowski Gets Serious

1210253793We’ve got to confess that we kind of love Jim Ogonowski. The former farmer lost his congressional bid to someone with the last name Tsongas, and instead of going out to pasture, he decided to attempt to unseat the actual John Kerry from his position in the senate. Kerry’s people didn’t seem too concerned.

They don’t sound too concerned now that his campaign has started to run ads, either.

The new spot, which you can see on Ogonowski’s website, features the Republican candidate trekking around the state, talking to voters about their concerns.

But the real kicker is when he asks voters if they’ve seen Kerry recently. All the blue-collar folks say they haven’t seen him. One voter even says “John who?”

Kerry’s spokesman tells the Globe that the senator is like air—just because you didn’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there.

A Kerry campaign spokesman called the ad fiction and provided a list of four dozen official Senate appearances by Kerry at Massachusetts events so far in 2008.

“Fiction like this belongs on HBO, not cable television in Massachusetts,” said the spokesman, David Wade.

HBO? That’s an elitist channel. Though it doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as “FX after 10 p.m.”