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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

Just because we never get enough of Hizzoner on a bike: It’s Bay State Bike Week, and Tom Menino donned a fetching blue tracksuit and pedaled around to celebrate. [Globe]

A strong candidate for quote of the week: In this story about a Red Sox fan who was ordered to pay a Yankees fan $25,297 after a fistfight, the suddenly poor Sox fan tells the Herald “Typical Yankees fan. You sucker punch me, and then because my tooth goes into your hand, you sue me?” [Herald]

Meet our new hero: His name is Robert Morse, he’s 92-years-old, and he wants to cap the salary of corporate executives at $500,000 a year. [Globe]

And here’s our new nemesis: Edy’s had reduced the size of its ice cream containers from 56 to 48 ounces and is charging the same price. The company cites the rising cost of food as its reason for the move. [Herald]