Romney PAC to the Future

1211317812When last we wrote about Mitt Romney, we had a little fun at Willard’s expense. At the time, there were rumblings that he was going to create a new Political Action Committee in order to raise money for Republicans everywhere. And, of course, himself. (Vote Hairdo in 2012!)

Now, according to the Federal Election Commission, he’s gone ahead and done just that. Replacing the decommissioned Commonwealth PAC is…drumroll…the Free and Strong America PAC.

You’ll notice that Romney isn’t mentioned on the PAC’s disclosure form. But you’ll also notice that the address listed for Free and Strong America is 585 Commercial Street in Boston — Romney’s Boston-based presidential campaign headquarters, where insiders tell Boston Daily that our former governor has been hard at work putting this new venture together.

Free and Strong America’s website lists Romney as its honorary chairman, and invites you to learn more about Mitt. Meanwhile, the new PAC has named Darrell Crate as its treasurer. Crate is the former chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party. He also served as finance chair for Kerry Healey during her campaign for lieutenant governor.

“Romney is making the assumption that [John] McCain will lose,” says a national GOP strategist. “This is his platform for running in 2012 just like the Commonwealth PAC was the platform for 2008.”

And we thought we wouldn’t have Mitt Romney to kick around anymore. Political junkies everywhere can now rejoice.