Your Friday Moment of Julian Tavarez Zen

1212172703Like many of you, we were deeply saddened when the Red Sox designated Julian Tavarez for assignment. He won us over by throwing down in a spring training game and cemented himself into our good graces by becoming the object of Manny Ramirez’s affection, and it’s hard to let that go.

Thankfully, Jules is still bringing the crazy all the way from Milwaukee.

It seems the newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers left the $20,000 prize in his locker when the Red Sox designated him for assignment, then released him earlier this month.

“They’re going to mail it to me, I’m sure,” Tavarez said.

Note to the Red Sox front office—if you misplaced Tavarez’s new address, you can send it to us here at 300 Massachusetts Ave., Boston. We’ll make sure he gets it. Eventually.